Friday, March 22, 2013

Nine is Oh So FINE + My Doberman Spa

NAIL POLISH HAUL! So I got my Color Club polishes in the mail yesterday. They were only $2.95 a bottle! (but you had to spend at least $25 to get anything... well worth it tho I think). 

In order from left to right we have: Fashion Addict, Worth The Risque, Perfect Mol-Ten, Emerald Depths, Love 'Em/Leave 'Em, Trippie Hippie, Wild And Willing, Revvvolution.

Here we start by giving my momma a pedicure. She has some ingrown nails so there is some yellowing to her tosses, so that causes only a slight change of colour. But this is Fashion Addcit and it came out BEAUTIFUL! She is very happy with it as well. Pictures were taken indoors with flash. Two coats.

And of course we can't forget our puppies! Our dobes love having their nails done as well :-D.... now you KNOW that doggies nails are black, so of course this isn't the best representation of the colors used. Lol. I still have yet to do mine! First set of paws is Miss Gita (means graceful in German...according to he who named her) and she is strutting her strut with Wild And Willing. You go girl!! :-p

And our next victim, Lindy Butts (I just call her Lindy butts because she waggles her butt and does this little dance. She is modeling for us Perfect Mol-Ten. Doesn't she just look fabulous?

I would love to get some feedback from my followers, you know, even if it is just a simple "yay!" because I am really trying to get into this whole blogging thing. I know it takes time to really develop a "name" (or whatever you wanna call it) for yourself. But I am just so, so so interested in nails... polishes... and trust me, the beauty product love doesn't stop there. 
I was thinking about reviewing some soaps and face creams as well since I have tried my fair share seeking the perfect one for my skin type. We will see! Plus, you don't see a lot of reviews for body washes (especially this awesome one from Costco... can't think of the name right now, but it's in a green pump). 

If you are interested in purchasing the Color Club polishes, visit Princess Nail Supply and check out their huge selection of Color Club lacquers as well as other polish brands. 

thank you everyone for reading! xo

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweet Treats

...this somehow got deleted. Here are pics of Indigo Bananas spectraflair topcoats. No wonder she included a little milk candy. Because they are SWEET TREATS! get it?! lol... I am a dork...

Anyway, we have 4 mini bottles: SF 14, SF 20, SF 25+ and SF 35.
This is her Etsy listing just to make sure she gets credit for her awesome craftsmanship. I am a happy customer. Like I mentioned in the post below (I have NO idea how this got deleted...) she has a range of shades and cool polishes at very reasonable prices and her shipping was super fast.

....just a *disclaimer* I am not getting paid, or any reimbursement for any of these reviews. I am simply adding in the links and directions to certain sites that I have personally used. I am not attempting to lure anyone, in any way, for any reason to these websites or brands I discuss. ... :)

..and again, lovely ladies... even my beloved Seche Vite topcoat allows for about a day and a half manicure. I have a poll on the side over there that ...I am hoping you can all help me with?
Please please tell me your FAVE topcoat that will resist chipping for as long as possible!

sad panda :(

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Indigo Banananananas!

What better colour to use than an indigo for my experiment? We have Loreal after hours.
On my index finger we have SF 35. Middle finger is SF 25+. Ring finger is SF 20. Pinky is SF 14.
I can totally see the refractive difference especially with the flashes. I like the 35 but I'm also very happy with alllll of them!!! They make a great topcoat for that perfect shade you may have in yer collection just waiting to make a holo.
Please check out her Etsy link that I posted in my previous post.
PLEASE DON'T FORGET!! I need input on great topcoats that resist chipping.

Loreal After Hours - 2 coats

On my index finger we have SF 35. Middle finger is SF 25+. Ring finger is SF 20. Pinky is SF 14.

I am pretty proud of all of them. 
Mad props to Indigo Bananas. She also has a lot of holo-polishes on her Etsy site for reasonable prices so I highly check her out. Shipping was super fast too. 

In my post below, I took pictures of the spectraflair top coats, and gave the link to where she can be found. :-)

Mini Update

I finally added some captions to go with those pictures I posted a couple hours ago. Later today when I get out of school I am gonna be doing my nails again and I have a review for the Spectraflair topcoats that I got. Yay!


there is a poll on the left hand side over here that you can give your feedback.
or please tell me in my comments section what your fave is. 


Monday, March 18, 2013

Owl Obsessed

In Love w/ this Smashley!!

I really want to  learn how to do  this. Even if I have to use stencils, because I LOVE owls!

Geeky Owl?
would you be able to help?

COMING SOON: Opi and Indigo Banana reviews today!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nail Care is Pretty Serious

It's true... I guess some woman in Florida about 2 years ago called 911 FOUR times because her nail tech threatened her, tried to cut her lip, and made her pay too much for her short nails.

Video of Florida Woman Calling 911 about her 'Bad Manicure' LOL

.....and here...
She tries to defend her 'emergency' .... heh.

Thank you for following everyone!
I got some new polishes in the mail from an Etsy seller, Indigo Bananas. Pics n reviews to come!