Sunday, October 6, 2013

1, 2, 3 Strikes You're Out At the Old Ball Game!

 Been so wrapped up in my life over here that I rarely have time to post or comment on these lovely blogs. BUT... I just HAD to show off my new creation because I am indeed very proud of it!!

So tell me, what do you think these items in this picture have in common?

Well... if you really read the title of this blog, you're probably thinking something about baseball. 
Indeed the right track!!

I ADORE my Detroit Tigers beyond comprehension and I'm SO rooting for them for the World Series. Oh oh oh what a glorious day!!!

So in the spirit of my favorite team evaaarrrrr...

Yes!!! it was really painstaking but I love it, because it keeps me distracted. The colours from left to right are as foYes!!! it was really painstaking but I love it, because it keeps me distracted. The colours from left to right are as follows: 
Rimmel Pro 10 day topcoat 
(I have never ever found a topcoat that lives up to its promises) This one makes my manicure last AT LEAST 5-6 days. I suggest trying it before writing it up as a simple drug store crap nail polish. Love love love!!!
Zoya - Sunshine
Essie - Blue Rhapsody
China Glaze - Riveting 
Essie - Orange, it's Obvious
Color Club - Trippie Hippie
Nail Envy
I can't say enough words about this stuff. It's expensive but my nails have never managed to grow without them peeling. Very brittle weak nails are now turned into thick and almost non-peeling at all! Try it!!!
OPI - I saw, You Saw, We Saw Warsaw 

I am beyond proud of my creation. I want to be back on here reading stuff really soon!!! I need more ideas, and most importantly, it feeds my addiction. It sucks being an adult sometimes, like, with priorities... n shit.

If any of you are wondering about the quality of these polishes, thickness, opaqueness, sheerness, etc. Please do leave a comment and I WILL respond :-)


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I just used Shazam to discover Breathing Underwater by Metric.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I haven't even been painting my nails that much recently!!
I have had very little time due to some family obligations.

I hope you guys are all still here and finding awesome stuff to share. Sheesh. I miss being able to do my nails all the time!!!

I do have a question.
I have been looking for an awesome periwinkle type colour.
I have the OPI Europe one, thats 'youre such a budapest' but I want a more... blue? I think? and one that has a nice thick coat, rather than having to apply 3 coats for full colour.

Any suggestions ladies?
and gents :)