Monday, April 1, 2013

Color Club - Wild and Willing

I wanted to try out another one of these color club polishes that I got last week. I used this one on my dog's nails. Lol, but I wanted to see what it would be like on human nails. 

I am actually not very happy with this, and if anyone reading this may want to purchase it ($negotiable$) or, if you may want to swap. Let me know. 

This is with one coat :-( It is very sheer... so I had to apply like, 3 more coats... 

And here are some other swatches for Wild and Willing by Color Club. I thought I had seen some swatches of this color before, thinking it was a really good holo polish.. but I do not see it. I see it maybe like a duo-chrome? But I don't think even that... it is very nice to wear if you are into nude or professional colors (work I suppose might not let you paint them bright blue :-p) but the shade is just not my style. Oh well. I must have looked at the wrong swatch or something. Let me know how you guys like it. This is literally with about three coats of the polish. It did not goop up tho -- like when you apply a few coats and notice it gets really thick n goop-tified -- and dried well. That was a plus. So far all the CC formulas are smooth and good quality. 

Leave me a message if you are interested in this polish! Trades would be awesome. Remember, I only paid 2.99$ for it, so I am happy to negotiate price. oxooxoxx