Sunday, July 25, 2010

storm warning

i spent the last 48 hours or so with my 'caretaker' so to speak. we will call her cleo. miss cleo. she is honestly taking care of me in more ways than one. i truly believe that we are sisters - whether my dad just couldnt keep his salami in the sandwich or we were placed together based on the planets and the stars alignment - this girl is something else. we have the same crazy interests in herbs, crystals, spirits, 6th senses, animals, food, people, seeing things, believing in things, .......the list truly goes on, but its not worthy of the blogger. 

i feel almost a changed girl. i have left my phone on my bed all day long, when im usually attached to it all day long. ive barely sent out one text message all day. and it was just to her. and i have left my computer sitting in one place all day as well. with music on. and even with my fractured ankle, i have been rearranging and cleaning out some old things that no longer belong on my desk or even anywhere in my surroundings. 

how can a little more than a day with someone make you do a complete flip or a 180? i have a more positive light, or energy within myself. is it a mental illness? am i having a manic moment? more than likely... which means more  than likely i will be in bed all day tomorrow crying over ratshitassholefuckface who called me a cunty twitty whore the other day and wanting him back. 
because thats what i know best. its easier to go back to the things that are comfortable and familiar. 

well what i need to learn are new and more familiar things that do not include said rat bastard above. 

i should attempt some rest and possibly go love on my kitty niko. shes the best thing thats ever happened to me. i wanted to get a puppy... 'cleo' had convinced me that i needed to take some serious responsibility in my life, so i wanted to get a black lab, but still living with the 'rents, that would be nearly impossible. plus, we just lost our lovely Lacey (doberman) about 3 weeks ago. its too soon. and i still do get emotional over her often. 

why was it that i wanted to succumb (i cant spell and i guess blogger doesnt give me red marks) to rat-bastard-douche-bags verbal abuse just yesterday, and now i feel like a more positive person? 

maybe its just the weather