Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vintage Holo

A star before its' time... was a creation by Sally Hansen called Magical Nail Makeup (color pictured below is Blue Aura). I must have bought this back between 2001-2003. I remember buying this one and I think a pink one, which I now regret giving away to my niece. 
Believe it or not, you can still find this! this eBay auction is for purple, and she also has one listed for the pink. 
This was clearly an original now with all the China Glaze, OPIs and Color Club holos. I love this one. Below is 2 coats with an Essie 3-Way Glaze topcoat, base and strengthener. No topcoat. The formula is a bit sticky and a little goopy but that could be because it's over 10 years old! Lol. I don't really remember what the consistency of it was back then, but it does go on smooth with slow long strokes. It will get a bit clumped if there is not enough polish on the brush. 

with flash

without flash

no flash, just normal lighting

again, normal lighting no flash

just a cloudy day

Out of my own personal rating of coverage and formula quality I would give it about a 7. That being said, since I am a noobie rater on all this, the best coverage I have ever had which I would give an ultimate 10 to is a creation by China Glaze for the Hunger Games collection (Riveting). That goes on smooth, dreamy, full coverage with one stroke, and looks exactly like the bottle. A 1, would be this polish that I bought online by Essie, which I mentioned in my previous post, called 'Butler, Please.' It is clumpy, thick, gooooopy and needs more than two coats. Then it doesn't even dry hard, you still have that mush because it's just so thick. Hope that helps if you have ever used either of those polishes before. Oh, I also notice that a lot of the Sally Hansen Extreme Wear are quite clumpy and need a couple coats and don't appear like the bottle. Also pretty gooopy (not as many ooooo's but still enough). I would rate those formulas at a 4. 

Patience for Rennovation

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fridays nails

I have started reading so many blogs dedicated to nail polish obsession, and I believe that I need to also find an outlet for my neurosis. My mom thinks I am somehow addicted to painting my nails and thinks I like sniffing it, or eating it or something.. (there really was a girl on My Strange Addictions who ate nail polish). Anyway, that aside. I will jump right in :)

This is my creation with three Essie polishes. 
luxeffects- stroke of brilliance and a cut above (the glitter)
play date

this is with a flash, and does look more how it does in person

Of course I would recommend Essie because I love their polishes. I know some of their formulas are a bit goopy or thin, but play date is one of those awesome ones that goes on smoothy and with barely two coats. Not goopy at all. I had experience with an Essie polish -- Butler, Please -- which was a unique creme blue color that I just LOVED but it was so goopy and on top of that, you needed like three goats of the goopiness. 

To all my nail polish addicts out there, is polish thinner the way to go when you find a goop-problem. 

Thank you!!

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