Sunday, April 7, 2013


I suffer from very soft, bendy, flaky, easily-torn (rarely broken), flaky, peely and weak nails. I try cuticle oils of all sorts. Hardeners. Base coats. Treatments.

Will one of you lovely ladies (or even gents!) out there give me some feedback please as to what I could use, what is my best option just to prevent this problem. I buff my nails down and always make sure I file in the same direction to avoid flaking or peeling. My nails still remain really... flaky. There is no other word that I can possibly describe. Uneven.

And even tho I don't prefer long nails, it is SO difficult to grow them out past a certain length. In my pictures, that is srsly how far they will grow without peeling or bending.

I need some suggestions! :-D

-best base coat? ridge filler?
-best cuticle cream/oil/remover?
-best treatment?
-best glaze?

....your feedback is greatly appreciated!!

xoxoxoxo Ashley

oh, ps, these are some swatches of 'Radiance'

I am a little disappointed? I really thought these designer series were top-notch holos. My "Extravagance" on was very lovely. This one is very subtle and can only *really* be seen with direct sunlight.
This is about 2.5 coats.

I also then, put that spectraflair topcoat on from Indigo Bananas to see if the holo would appear brighter. Let's see if you are able to tell the difference....

It's blurry but you can indeed tell that the SF topcoat helped!!!

This last shot is my fave... just... LOVE... love the OPIs... 


  1. Your length looks comfortable. I have tried ASK Cosmetics TIPS peosucts.There are about 3 months worth of blog posts I did last year from February-May. I had good results with the TIPS for Toes.

    Anyway, ,one other thing that has helped in the last 6 months was reyi g a Gelish manicure. It lasts for three weeks, and my nails were very strong. It costs me $30 at the nail salon, and since I was impressed with the results, I bought myself the Gelish mini system at Sally's so I could DIY it, and not pay so much for the salon every three weeks.

    Since I started Gelish manis in December my nails have grown.I had rhe same issues you write about here.
    Another thing I really love is LUSH Lemony Flutter. I love this as a moisturizer for my cuticles and hands.It is a great way to pamper your nails.

  2. Sorry for the spelling error.I meant to write "getting" a Gelish manicure.

    1. they are at a very comfy length, but they will still stop growing right about here. or else they bend n peel.
      "ASK cosmetics?" i generally dont like having tips on my nails, i prefer them natural. unless im not understanding the product correctly.

      lush, as in, that place with all the bubbly bath soaps right?
      i love that store! i wasnt aware they had nail stuff. karma is SUCH an amazing fragrance

  3. T.I.P.S. is a cuticle oil applied to the cuticle and over the entire nail in the morning, before you expose your nails to water.The oil protects your nail plate from water absorbtion.Water causes the nail to expand, and when dry the nails shrink back.The constant cycle of getting the nails wet and drying, can make them weak. T.I.P.S. is mostly made of nail nutrients like Vitamin E and Soija oil (oil from soy).

    I used the stuff religiously for 10 weeks.I also went nail naked, no polish.

    LUSH Lemony Flutter, I got it from the website with all the soaps.The lemony butter is nice.I like to slather my cuticles in it, and put on terrycloth gloves for 20 minutes.It softens cuticles and leaves the cuticles and hands looking vibrant.

    1. ohhhh i love that idea with the gloves. i will have to try!
      have you been inside a Lush store? its like heaven. its amazing. you should SO go if there is one in your area. I know there is one inside my Macy's ...

      thank you for the suggestion! i am going to try it :)

  4. The frustrating part is that what works for one person won't work for another. That said, I do like the Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein; sometimes it shows up at TJ Maxx for a reasonable price. I also rely on Instant Artificials over my treatment to give my nails a little thickness and smooth out the peely parts.